Pressed cheese uncooked


Cantal is undowbtelly one of France's most anciens cheeses. Its texture is granular and the depth of the crust indicates the cheeses age. Dull cheeses are to be banned. Our demi-vieux is therefore matured for at least five months.


Traditional ripening in our humid cellars provides the cheese with a natural mited crust.Time and frequent reversals as well as crut-brushings provides its an orangey texture (from Rocou natural colouring) with a nutty flavour, becoming mouthmelting and brittle with great age.


Originating in the Thones valley, its making dates back to the Roman era. After maturation, its texture develops to very fruity cream, delightfully melting in mouth. The rind carries the farmhouse green oval stamp.


Traditionnally matured on straw in vaulted cellars, the creamy-textured Saint Nectaire keeps an inimitable tang of its soil. The rind, pinkish when young turns grey, and as it ripens further, goes on to obtain a rich golden paste.